Saturday, September 24, 2011

Add Try::Tiny to Mouse or Moose

Here is a little snippet that shows how to extend Mouse (lightweight version of Moose) with Try::Tiny for better exception handling.

Here would be your application class:

package MyApp::Mouse;

use Mouse ();
use Mouse::Exporter;
use Try::Tiny;

	as_is => [qw[try catch finally]],
	also  => 'Mouse'


Then you simply use MyApp::Mouse in place of the Mouse module for your classes:

package Foo;

use MyApp:::Mouse;

sub t {
	my ($self,$d) = @_;
	my $v = try {
		die "testing" if $d;
	} catch {

	return $v;


A simple test?

package Foo;

~$ perl -Mfeature=:5.12 -MFoo -e say Foo->new->t;

Of course this recipe works with Moose, simply replace the Mouse namespace with the Moose namespace and your in business.

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